September 2022

High Blood Pressure: Your Common Questions Answered 

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While nearly half of US adults suffer from high blood pressure (commonly referred to as HBP or hypertension), many people with the condition have no symptoms that let them know there is a problem. We know—that’s a frustrating sentence to hear. But we’ve compiled the following info and tips to help you avoid risky blood [...]

Prepare for the Next Hurricane by Understanding Possible Hurricane Effects  

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Life on the Gulf Coast comes with its own manner of measuring the seasons. If you’ve been here long enough, you know that when holiday lights aren’t up and there isn’t a thick layer of yellow pollen coating cars as far as the eye can see, it must be hurricane season.  Hurricanes are most likely [...]

Why Summer Becomes Fall During the Autumnal Equinox

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A Moment of Harmony Between Our Planet and the Sun Marks the Start of Fall  The autumnal equinox is on September 22nd, and with it comes an opportunity to regain balance and harmony as summer slips into the rearview mirror and the joys of the fall season come into view.   Like the vernal equinox and [...]

Top 3 Insider Tips From Teachers For a Strong Start to the School Year

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How to Supercharge Your Child’s Education in Under 15 Minutes Per Week If you’ve seen the recent headlines about massive teacher shortages affecting schools nationwide, you might be wondering how your child could be affected and what you can do to support them this school year.  That’s why HHER went straight to the source! We [...]

August 2022

Surviving Ragweed Allergies: 3 Tips for Fall Allergy Season

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If Ragweed Allergies Have You Reaching For Tissues, These Tips Are For You! Ragweed allergy season is upon us, a time of year many people celebrate by incessant sneezing. Fall allergy season is ragweed pollen’s time to shine, and if you’re one of the many seasonal allergy sufferers reaching for the tissues this fall, ragweed [...]

Do Pears Have Nutritional Value? Here Are 3 Benefits to Pears 

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While apples, bananas, strawberries, and oranges still seem to be favorites, we shouldn’t ignore those pears in the fruit bowl. Pears have nutritional value that cannot be ignored, and nothing beats biting into a perfectly ripe, juicy pear! Thank goodness August is the start of pear season, and it’s the perfect opportunity to spotlight this [...]

The Top 5 Watermelon Benefits for Your Health 

By |2022-07-30T14:56:01-05:00August 2nd, 2022|Children & Youth, Daily Living, Holidays, Wellness & Nutrition|

Why Is Watermelon Good for You? Find Out for National Watermelon Day! Watermelon benefits your health by fueling your body with exactly what it needs, especially if you’re out in high temperatures. Packed with sugar and nutrients, high water content, easily portable…what’s not to love? It’s one of those foods that seems too good to [...]

Easing Back-to-School Anxiety: 3 Tips for Parents

By |2022-07-30T14:55:09-05:00August 1st, 2022|Children & Youth, Daily Living|

How to Tell Which Kind of Back-to-School Anxiety Your Child Is Experiencing & Whether to Address It With a Conversation or a Medical Appointment It’s back-to-school season, and for parents, students, and teachers alike that transition often comes with a fair amount of back-to-school anxiety. In most cases, back-to-school anxiety subsides as the school year [...]

July 2022

10 Tips for Talking to Kids About Tragic Events

By |2022-07-07T11:08:58-05:00July 25th, 2022|Children & Youth, Daily Living|

A Guide to Helping Children Navigate Tragic Events in a Healthy Way In the age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, it is harder and harder to protect children from the harsh realities of our world. Whether it’s a mass shooting, war, terrorist attack, or natural disaster in the news, technology has made [...]

The Surprising Health Benefits of Saunas 

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The High Heat of Dry Saunas Can Be Great For Your Heart, But Can Be Risky For Some Groups Saunas are paradoxical places. In a sauna, you voluntarily expose yourself to the kind of heat that could otherwise seriously endanger your health. And in a sauna, such high temperatures can provide many of the health [...]