October 2023

A Parent’s Guide to Torn ACL Injuries 

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As parents, we understand the health benefits of physical activities for children, but at the same time, we want our kids to stay safe at all times—a guarantee that does not exist in competitive sports. If your child plays a sport, some of the most common sports-related injuries to watch out for are rotator cuff [...]

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Tips for Prevention and Recovery

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Protecting your shoulder health is a must, whether you're an athlete or you are regularly engaged in physically demanding work. The shoulder's ball-and-socket joint is consistently at risk when we lift, throw, or perform repetitive overhead motions—leaving us susceptible to rotator cuff injuries. Want a worry-free season, game, workout, or on-the-job experience? Let’s explore how [...]

September 2023

Remembering Galveston’s Past Hurricanes: Steps To Protect Ourselves From Future Storms

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Galveston, our favorite coastal city, has unfortunately been no stranger to the devastating impact of hurricanes. Over the years, our vibrant Texan community has faced the wrath of powerful storms that have left lasting imprints.  At Hospitality Health ER, we understand the profound impact hurricanes have on our community's safety and well-being. We believe in [...]

July 2023

Dressing Smart for the Beach: The Best Clothes to Wear in Galveston During Summer to Protect Yourself From the Sun

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With its beautiful beaches and sunny climate, Galveston is a popular summer destination for locals and visitors alike. However, with record breaking heat this year, you and your family should take a few precautionary steps before hitting the beach. Let’s explore the best clothing choices to help shield you and your family from harmful UV [...]

August 2022

Local September Events in Galveston: Shrimp Festival, Bird Walk, and More!

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It’s September and fall is here! As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking to yourself how fast 2022 has flown by. And we’re right there with you. The Autumn Equinox is fast upon us, and to make the most of the season, we’ve compiled a fun list of activities you can do in and around [...]

July 2022

Rip Currents 101: What to Know Before Swimming in the Gulf Coast

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How to Go to the Beach Without Being Pulled Into the Ocean Summertime is beach time on the Gulf Coast. If you’re among the many Texans flocking to the beach for fun in the sun, it’s important to be aware of rip currents, how they work, and how to spot them. Rip currents are strong [...]

April 2022

2023 Easter Egg Hunts in Galveston

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Easter Scavenger Hunt with Society of Neuroscience Galveston ChapterIt’s that time of year to celebrate a popular family tradition: the annual Easter egg hunt! One thing Hospitality Health ER loves about Galveston is the strong sense of family and community we see everywhere we go—at our facility, local schools, and all the community events we [...]

December 2021

The Month of Giving: Here Are 5 Local Volunteer Opportunities in Galveston

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There’s no better way to finish a year off than by giving back to your community. Whether it’s through monetary donations, offering your time, or providing services to someone, the holidays are the perfect time to lend a helping hand. Incorporating an annual tradition of “giving back” during the holidays is something that can benefit [...]

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November 2021

Where to Order Thanksgiving Meals and Dessert in Galveston, Texas 

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Although it’s hard to believe, Thanksgiving is already right around the corner. If you want to avoid spending all day in the kitchen preparing a delicious feast, you can. And as a bonus, you can support a local business in the process.  Here's where you can find the best Thanksgiving meals and desserts in Galveston, [...]

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May 2021

15 Mother’s Day Gift and Outing Ideas in Galveston, TX

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From bouquets to brunch, we’ve got your gift ideas covered Mother’s Day is right around the corner—May 14th, to be exact—and after the year we’ve had, we all deserve a bit of spoiling.  We wanted to give you some ideas that will help the moms in your life feel extra special this year.  Due to [...]