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June 2020

4th of July in Galveston 2020 – The Safe Way

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July 4th is usually celebrated by hosting parties with lots of friends and family. But this year may be a little different. Firework safety is always a priority, but now COVID-19 prevention should also be first in mind while celebrating. Although it's easy to forget about the pandemic when we're outdoors enjoying ourselves, folks should [...]

3 Fast, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Summertime is here. And just because you're most likely working from home doesn't mean you have loads of time to make meals. Because you want to start the day off right, finding easy breakfast meals will help reduce stress in your day. But because you still want to choose foods that will nourish your body, [...]

Most Common ER Visits in the Summertime

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Summertime is usually a child’s favorite time of the year. School is out, the days are longer, pools are open, kids are active, and, well, lots can happen. Perhaps it’s no surprise that ER visits spike in the summertime and that children are more likely to have accidents that require medical attention. Here's a look [...]

6 Common Causes of Abdominal Pain

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Abdominal pain is one of the most common reasons that people visit the ER. A variety of factors can cause or complicate a person's condition. Luckily, these symptoms usually resolve on their own most of the time and fairly quickly. However, abdominal pain may indicate a more serious underlying condition. If you’re wondering where your [...]

Emergency Rooms During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has changed how we operate: from home and schools, to businesses and medical facilities. Emergency rooms especially have had to adjust quickly in how they provide medical care. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there have been about 1.5 million ER visits related to COVID-like symptoms. Some states have seen over 20,000 [...]

Should I Get a Colonoscopy?

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While we navigate through this time of uncertainty, it’s easy to shift our focus away from other important health considerations. Screening and early detection play a big role in the prognosis of many conditions. For instance, colon cancer–the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths–is actually treatable and beatable when caught early. Although colon cancer may [...]

Are Swollen Glands Serious?

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When you’re feeling pain or swelling in the upper neck area, you just might have a bacterial or viral infection. Although swollen glands (more appropriately called swollen lymph nodes) may indicate something as minor as a cold, it can also signify something as serious as lymphoma. But before you start worrying, have your doctor examine [...]

Which Sweeteners Are Bad For You?

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Obesity, dental issues, and type 2 diabetes mellitus have many Americans looking to cut out processed sugar from their diet. But let’s face it, we all need our sweet fix from time to time. With many artificial sweeteners to choose from, we can reduce our calorie count without completely sacrificing the treats we love. But [...]

Father’s Day 2020 – Longview-Inspired Gift Ideas and More

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June 21st is Father’s Day, the day that we celebrate the wonderful men in our lives. This is the one day where fathers are the center of attention and get spoiled and loved a little extra. Although you may have to get a little creative for Father’s Day 2020, there’s still lots you can do. [...]