January 2019

Cervical Cancer Awareness at Hospitality Health ER in Longview

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January is National Cervical Awareness Month. Although cervical cancer was once one of the leading causes of death among women, the number of deaths has drastically been reduced. Why? More awareness about cervical cancer and cancer, in general, has encouraged more women to get tested regularly. Hospitality Health ER in Longview is here to raise [...]

Losing Weight: Why It May Not Be the Best New Year’s Resolution

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It’s not that losing weight is a bad idea for a New Year’s resolution. Many of us can afford to shed a pound or two, especially after the holidays. However, losing weight is not the best resolution you can make when it comes to your overall health. If you focus purely on losing weight, you [...]

What Can You Do for the Stomach Flu?

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It’s flu season again, folks, and the stomach flu already seems to be making its rounds. Vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, aches, nausea and cramping are not fun to deal with, especially around the holidays. If that’s not bad enough, your kids may experience even worse symptoms because their immune systems aren’t as developed yet. If [...]

November 2018

Pink Pride: Breast Cancer Awareness at Hospitality Health ER in Longview

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October was a big deal at Hospitality Health ER in Longview. Yes, we enjoy decking our facility in all things pink. More importantly, we do this to show our support for the millions of women who have fought the brave battle against breast cancer. Every year, there are about 300,000 new cases of breast cancer [...]

Hospitality Health ER in Tyler Texas Partners with Susan G. Komen

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While our ER facility in Longview raised money for Pink Heals in October, our folks at Hospitality Health ER in Tyler Texas were fundraising for Susan G. Komen. The organization is well known for its breakthrough breast cancer research. Over half of the money the organization raises goes towards finding more effective treatments. At the end of [...]

Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes Explained: National Diabetes Month

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How ironic that National Diabetes Month falls in November, the start of the holiday season when you’re fighting off all the sugar-filled goodies at work parties and family gatherings. Although controlling your sugar intake is important in preventing and controlling Type II Diabetes, there’s also Type I Diabetes that isn’t caused by what you eat. [...]

Pass the Cranberries, Please! 4 Health Benefits of Cranberries

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November is National Cranberry Month in the United States. And boy, is this Thanksgiving staple jam-packed with more healthiness than you can imagine! So when your family passes around the cranberry sauce, you may not want to skip it any longer. In fact, you may want to add this super food to your diet all [...]

I Think My Baby is Constipated

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When your baby isn’t feeling well, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong. Is it gas, a tummy ache, or possibly constipation? If you think your baby is constipated, here’s some information to help guide you on what to look for and how to respond. How Can I Tell if My Baby is Constipated? [...]

Are Flu Vaccines for Kids Necessary?

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While 62 percent of Americans receive flu shots every season, there are still 38 percent of Americans who refuse to have one because they either think it won’t work or they fear the side effects. And if schools don’t require it, are flu vaccines for kids really necessary? If you’re one of these people with [...]

5 Reasons Why We Get Sick in Colder Months

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Growing up, your mom surely told you, “Zip up your jacket… or you’ll catch a cold.” You probably never questioned this as a child, but what did she mean exactly? Did this mean that colds are caused by cold weather? Why do we tend to get more sick in colder months compared to the rest [...]